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In the last few days of 2015 we started a community fundraiser with some of our friends and family to buy as many composition books as we could. Our goal was to raise enough money to buy at least 1000 notebooks and give them to at least 40 different classrooms in our community - with a very simple message in mind: 

"Your Word Matters."

We wanted them to believe in their voices; to inspire them to create whatever they wanted for themselves. Not because of what they had been told, but more importantly, because of what they had been given. A "Word;" To tell a story that changes the world, write a song the inspires a whole new generation of music - to create something new, in their own image, that has never been seen before, and will never be seen without them. All of that with nothing more than a pen and a few sheets of paper. By the end of our fundraiser we had raised enough money to buy 3,500 (!!!) notebooks instead.

And that's where the story begins.

We'd like to invite you to be a part of that story. To be a part of The MATTER; as we create a life that we all love living, and a space where our voices are heard. Not just as the unique individuals that we are; but as a body, a community, a MATTER of voices: united as One, and divided by none.